Healthy living can totally be a roller coaster of ups and downs, on-again, off-again.  Regardless of where you are right now, NickiRD is here to sprinkle her nutritional fairy dust and get you back on the healthy train.

Grab your crew and create a healthier and happier lifestyle that will deliver incredible results.  Challenge yourself to eat clean and green with NickiRD - add a few plant-rich recipes, drink more water and start feeling like your best self.

And that best part? All it takes is 10 days!

10 days of…


Numero uno when trying to achieve your wellness goals. With lotsa check-ins and photo uploads of the work you’re putting in, you’ll be your biggest cheerleader (aside from NickiRD, natch!). Being accountable is everything, and NickiRD will make sure you’re staying the course.


Experience the feeling of true hydration and clean eating with an abundance of nutrient-dense, real, whole foods. Your body will look and feel like a million bucks, and you’ll be fending off the compliments.


This super simple approach will help create healthy habits and a routine that becomes a no-brainer. Consistency is KEY, which is why 10 days is beyond do-able. You so have this!



Shed Excess Weight

Increase Energy & Clarity

Boost Your Confidence

Improve Your Sleep

Decrease Bloat

Get Your Skin Glowing

Improve Digestion & Immunity

Jumpstart Your Metabolism


NickiRD will host a private 10-day Challenge exclusively for you and your crew! You’ll get ALL recipes (of course, all properly combined for optimal weight loss) and shopping lists up front to make life easier.

*Pay just $20 for each 10-day Challenge!*


  • In-person demo with food samples


  • 10-day Food Shopping List

  • H20 Hydration Guide

  • In-person Follow-Up Recap & Q&A

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Challenge #1:

Launches the 1st Monday of every month and will feature green smoothie and/or breakfast recipes to jumpstart your day.

Challenge #2:

Launches the 3rd Monday of every month and will focus on yummy lunch recipes, such as soups and salads, to sustain you and keep you energized all day long.