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Has constant worry and borderline obsession with food, exercise and your body become exhausting and taken its toll on your confidence?  Have you jumped from diet to diet only to be disappointed with your results? Are you looking for a weight loss solution that actually works?

I’m the nutrition & weight loss coach who helps focused and committed women establish positive relationships with food to finally gain body and health happiness.  NOW is the time to get the long-term and lasting results you so desire and deserve.


The Private Coaching program is for you if...

  • You struggle with a permanent way to lose weight that doesn’t require dramatic efforts

  • Your eating habits are chaotic, emotional or deprived

  • You’re at odds with achieving a healthy body image — body acceptance, satisfaction, and even appreciation

  • The idea of food and your body have you feeling stressed, sad and hopeless

  • You experience other health difficulties tied to weight loss management

  • You are almost obsessed with food and what you think you can/can’t have

  • You would do almost anything to achieve long-term weight loss results


Coaching For Your Mind, Body & Spirit

What would you think if I told you that weight loss issues are not about your weight?  In my 20+ year career as a Nutritionist & Registered Dietitian, I can wholeheartedly say that weight loss starts, lasts and ends with your relationship with food.  Most people don’t realize that you don’t have to go through radical changes to get to a great place.  It’s all about breaking through from this chronic fight with food to establish a positive and healthy mindset.

When you sign up to have me as your personal weight loss coach, I’ll be there every step of the way to create your love affair with food and install minor, but majorly impactful changes in your eating habits and lifestyle.  I will help you discover what’s been blocking you from success in the past and practice shifting your perspective on food and your overall body image.

Accountability and consistency are EVERYTHING when it comes to achieving a goal in life, and weight loss is no different.  Think of me as your Nutrition BFF/Cheerleader, here to keep you on track EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.  From personal experience, I guarantee that this kind of uber-committed and loving support is life-changing and makes all the difference.

You’ll start glowing from the inside out because for the first time, you’ll be taking the conventional “weight loss” out of weight loss. You’ll start focusing on your mindset, well-being, quality of life, health, and fulfillment rather than letting your weight take you out of life’s game.


As your weight loss coach I will teach you to:

● LOVE food again
● Adopt nutrition principles, not a strict, calorie-counting plan
● Maintain healthy habits
● Eat consistently, intuitively, mindfully, and instinctively well with food combinations that will keep you nourished and satisfied
● Make small, manageable and easy changes that have lasting results
● Feel incredibly confident that you’ll keep the weight off
● Embrace a more positive mindframe about food and your body
● Navigate your personal mental and emotional triggers so sustainable weight loss is finally a reality!
● Optimize your preferred eating style for better nutrition

You’ll receive a customized nutrition and wellness plan that includes:

● Frequent check-ins - whether it’s a text, call or email from me, it’s all about accountability, and I’ll be reaching out at least 5x’s a week
● 30-minute NickiRD evaluation to review your past and current relationship with food and establish Nutrition and Lifestyle goals NickiRD philosophy & principles
● 1 Month Meal Plan: 3 smoothie recipes, 3 lunch recipes, 3 dinner recipes
● Hydration Guide
Pantry Detox Shopping List
● Seasonal Produce Guide
● Clean 15 + Dirty Dozen List
● Streamlined Kitchen Essentials (Appliances & Tools)
● Recipe & Meal Suggestions
● Top 3 Dips & Dressings
● 30-minute wrap-up phone call at the end of the session

 It’s time for a different approach...ready to get started? Let’s go!