Welcome to the easiest way to BOOST your health and create legit change that will deliver incredible results quickly. By committing to this Challenge, you are already on the path toward improved health...YOU SO HAVE THIS!

Challenge 4.0 will be bigger, bolder, badder and greener, and give you the motivation and knowledge you need to embrace a healthier lifestyle. This Challenge will be focused entirely on restoring gut health, which will bring you closer to your #bodygoals. The benefits of a balanced gut are cray cray - clearer skin, weight loss, improved sleep, better digestion, less bloat…insert mic drop here.


Anyone, anywhere, any age


This 4-week Challenge is all about adding more green meals to your lifestyle. A yummy green meal replacement (with a heavy emphasis on probiotics), multiple times a week, it’s that easy. Throw in accountability, weight loss, tons of nutritional info, and you’ll be on your toned and tight way for the beach this summer!


4 weeks: Saturday, May 12th to Friday, June 8th.


How does shedding excess weight, boosting energy, reducing bloat and looking like a million bucks sound? But the true bonus??? You’ve created a pattern for your lifestyle, which can deliver incredible results quickly. Gut health is wealth, my friends.


Pay just $45 – bring 2 friends into the Challenge and get $10 off to get in on the action. Via our closed Facebook group dedicated to Challenge 4.0, you’ll receive video tutorials, recipes, shopping lists, tips and all the motivation and support you need...think of it as a virtual NickiRD nutritional consultation all month long.



1. Click here to sign up and pay for the Challenge.
2. Once you've registered and paid, you'll be added to the #NICKIRDGREENBOOST Challenge 4.0 Private Facebook Group. *We must be Facebook friends for you to join the group, so please send me a friend request here if you haven’t already!*
3. On Saturday, May 12th, the official launch date of Challenge 4.0, make sure to check the Facebook group to receive the first recipe.
4. Incorporate the green recipe I provide each Saturday a minimum of 4x during the week to truly reap the gut health benefits.
5. Take daily photos of your green creations, and make sure to tag me at @IAMNICKIRD using the hashtag #NICKIRDAPPROVED. Members with the most social posts outside of the Facebook group will be eligible to win a private consultation with me.

Yes, signing up for the challenge is THAT easy!

Questions? We got you! Contact marketing@nickird.com.



Badass Belly Smoothie


Drippin' in Finesse Fermented Salad


Sweet Lovin' Falafel


#GRAINFREE Berry Crumble

*Subject To Change*

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*What’s the difference between social posting in and out of the closed Facebook group? When posting in the group, only members who have signed up for the Challenge will see exclusive NickiRD content, get the recipes and videos, and be able to interact with our community, BUT, I love the chance to spread Green goodness wherever we can.  Be proud of all the work you’re putting in, which is why I encourage posting on your own personal pages in addition to our closed group. As a reminder, the BOOST-ers with the most personal social posts will be rewarded, and don’t forget to use #nickirdapproved.

*P.S. Each day of the Challenge will be themed (i.e., think #FOODIEFRIDAY), so actively check into the group to receive all the exclusive recipes, tips, content, and support you need to help you succeed.