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Going to the supermarket can be downright frustrating.  Between never ending options and nutritional information overload, do you find yourself confused and thinking...


Which dairy-free milk is best?

What’s the difference between gluten-free and sprouted grain?

What packaged kid-friendly snacks are healthiest?

What’s really in my everyday condiments?

What’s the cleanest oil to use for cooking?

Is it better to buy local or organic?


So many questions!  Work with me, and I’ll give you simple and actionable tips and ideas to take all the guesswork out of your future supermarket shopping trips.   I’ll share my favorite must-haves and teach you how to build a “cleaner” pantry. Eating healthy will become effortless, while still stimulating your palette.


OPTION 1: $250

● 40 minute in-person local supermarket tour
● 30 minute phone call

OPTION 2: $200

30-minute Facetime Call - NickiRD will give you a virtual demo, showcasing her favorite pantry products & must-haves, no-brainer kitchen tools and more.

What’s Included:

  • Either 30-minute Supermarket Tour (Option 1 only) OR 30-minute Facetime Call (Option 2 only)

  • Pantry Detox Shopping List

  • Seasonal Produce Guide

  • Clean 15 + Dirty Dozen List

  • Streamlined Kitchen Essentials (Appliances & Tools)

  • Recipe & Meal Suggestions

  • Top 3 Dips & Dressings