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Be prepared for a completely new take on nutrition and weight loss. It's all about building confidence and nourishing the body, mind, and spirit—NOT deprivation!

This six-session program will be the spark you need to create your total body reset AND give you everlasting results like you've never imagined.


The Plan


session 1: our FIRST DATE

I want to hear your story. Together we’ll learn about your current relationship with food. Talking nutrition shop is my expertise, but it’s the questions I ask that will resonate most.

🕐 1 hour, 15 mins

session 2: Getting Down & Dirty

Time to add serious art form to your kitchen. Giving you a customized pantry, refrigerator and cabinet makeover will be just the right spark.

🕐 1 hour, 15 mins

session 3: Hitting the Town

We’re going shopping! Time to buy the essentials. You'll pick a market, and so will I.

🕐 2 hours

sessions 4 & 5: Love at First Bite

Let’s make healthy magic in the kitchen and unleash your inner foodie. These culinary experiences will arm you with all the skills you need.
Food Manipulation + Unique Combinations = Totally Delicious Dishes.

🕐 1 hour, 15 mins each

session 6: Fine...Let’s Move in Together

Like any other relationship, there are some ground rules. Tailoring your wellness continuity plan will be my priority, as the weeks to come are critical.

🕐 1 hour, 15 mins

*Bonus: You Had Me at Hello

Are you seeing positive results, and most importantly, are you feeling fabulous and committed? We’ll talk again and you can fill me in on the status of your relationship.

🕐 30 minutes via phone or FaceTime